Background – DIE FABRIKANTEN travel projects on borders


Dealing with the subject of borders has been an essential part in the work of DIE FABRIKANTEN for many years. For example, in no man‘s land between Austria and the Czech Republic at the interdisciplinary symposium „Operation Iron Village“ (1993), in „The Green Line: Encounter“ (1995), a group walk along the West Bank to the border between Palestine and Israel, with „Tables above 2000 meters„, a performative investigation in the triangle Italy, Switzerland and Austria or in the movie „Trivial Europe – five greatest cities in the world“ ( 2007), in which we explored and video-logged five European cities at night (Essen, Linz, Liverpool, Novi Sad and Thessaloniki).

With great pleasure we examine boundaries and try to figure out which scenarios and settings we can develop to enable encounter in order to overcome borders. DIE FABRIKANTEN are convinced: Culture grows through encounter.

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