About Rowing for Europe

Gerald Harringer (filmmaker, cultural manager, co-founder of the Linz-based cultural organisation & artist cooperative DIE FABRIKANTEN and Ihsan Banabak (civil engineer, residing Linz, born in Izmit) were rowing their boat from Linz to the Danube Delta at the Black Sea. Along this route they met people in various Danube region countries. They talked about European history, identity and its borders, about travelling, desires and future.
And last but not least they tried to find potential partners for a future cultural cooperation project (in the intersection of performing arts, performance and public arts). It has always been a challenge to find the right partners for a long-term cultural cooperation project in Europe. Nevertheless, in Europe´s current political situation it is especially important to build bridges and make connections.

The boat
The unmotorised wooden rowing boat has been built by Murat Gül from Turkish chestnut wood in a traditional Black Sea style just like they built small pinnaces (lifeboats) for fishing boats. Length: 4,7 m. Width: 1,60 m. Weight: approx. 250 kg. Find pictures of the building process and some sketches here. The oars are made of Turkish fir in traditional form.
A small supporting sail (100% canvas) tailored by a local Austrian tailor, has been used sometimes. The mast is an Austrian sprice and was given to us as a gift by a bus driver who owns a small land of wood in the Upper Austrian region „Mühlviertel“.

Travel periode: August, September 2016

A project by DIE FABRIKANTEN, supported by: Bundeskanzleramt Österreich Sektion II: Kunst und Kultur, Abteilung II/10 – Europäische und internationale Kulturpolitik, as well as Stadt Linz & Land OÖ.

The travelers:

Gerald Harringer, Ihsan Banabak

Contact: Gerald Harringer


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